For those who don’t know him, Luv’T (@luvtitude) is a talented six feet tall young artiste who is ready to blaze the trail in the Nigerian music industry. Having released three tracks already (with his debut single being Opaireke, meaning a sugar cane stick), Luv’T is fully set to kick-start his music career. In an interview during a recent visit to Playmyjamz’ office in Lagos, the 25-year-old University of Lagos graduate talks about his experience so far and his expectations.

Tell us about your experience/achievement in the Nigerian music industry so far

Hmmm! My experience so far had been filled with a lot of surprises. And for my achievement, I thank God for the good beginning and I’m hopeful of a brighter future.

Opaireke is your first single; how was the reception? Does it have anything to do with your personality?

I recorded Opaireke back then in Unilag. It was my first encounter with stardom. I felt like I was on top of the world. The reception in Unilag was unimaginable. Everyone kept shouting and screaming Opaireke everywhere on campus. The reception from the ladies was something else; they were curious to know if the idea behind Opaireke was influenced by my height or the size of my joystick. I performed in almost all the female hostels in Unilag during their Hall Week. I was privileged to perform alongside artistes such as Dr. Sid, Olamide, Mocheeda, Jhybo, Clever J, 9ice, Jahbless, AY.com, Terry G, Lord of Ajasa and others. I was the only student who was asked to perform on Thursday and on Friday with other notable artistes. I’ll just say Opaireke is a brand; it is deep, I can’t start explaining the meanings because we won’t leave here.

What’s your view about the Nigerian music industry?

Ahh! A lot of people have been complaining that our music industry has no structure. This complaint had been ringing in my ears since I had been in primary school and nobody/organisation had made any significant effort to successfully structuralise the industry. Thank God for brand endorsement and entertainment shows, many artistes would have been down by now. Piracy is really eating deep into the industry. I see no reason why the government can’t push further on the issue of piracy by implementing policies that would totally discourage piracy. If it could be done in other countries, we can do it here too. Also, with the emergence of entertainers going into politics nowadays, we should be expecting a drastic change in the industry. Another key thing that can develop the Nigerian music industry is stream of ideas. There are many things that we need to do; the soil is fertile but there are few people who can think of harvesting cash crops from it. We need crazy and mind blowing ideas in the field of music production, artiste management, publicity, events/shows management, music distribution and many others. The industry is nothing without ideas from people like you and me.

You seem to have many ideas that can develop the industry; can you share some with us?
Kai! You see, there is something that I have learnt about ideas; there are some people who can’t think but if they are given the opportunity to listen to other people’s idea, they can do exploit. There are a lot of idea hijackers. So, when I am talking to press men, I am usually very careful of what I say.

Ok, could you please share few with us…

Well, if you insist, let me think of what to share here… (Silence). There is this project I am working on with a team. The idea is on effective distribution of cds in Nigeria. Youths want to see something different, so we are coming up with a mobile, mechanical and computerised approach towards the distribution of cds on campuses, restaurants, cinemas, shopping malls and other event centres. Also, I see no reason why the big shots in the Nigerian entertainment industry have not grown up to develop an idea around having a prototype of Paparazzi in Nigeria like we have in America. LIB, HIP TV, Kenny’s Music and other media outfits can look through it and come up with something creative. We have many celebrities than we used to have 10 to 20 years ago. Let the Paparazzi take over, then our news will become more interesting and our bloggers would see no reason to update us with news from MTO or TMZ. By then, we would have a lot of interesting gossips from here. We don’t need to wait until celebrities post pictures on Instagram or write a post on Facebook/Twitter before we update the news on our blogs. Track and catch them unawares!

Interesting! Are you signed under any record label for now?

None for now.

Really? Ok, if you were to be signed by a record label, which would you prefer?

It’s either DB record or any new record label.

DB Record? Why?

It is better to flow in the direction of someone who shares your interests in life. I see D’banj as someone who is not only a musical artiste; he is an entertainer and a profound business man. He had been through a lot in the industry, he is an achiever and he is charismatic in nature. I have read a lot about him and about his record label, so I believe with him, I am on the right track to fulfilment. However, I also welcome other new labels who can welcome ideas and those who are not only money driven but business oriented.

Do you have an eye on any brand endorsement?

Oh! There are many juicy ones these days. In fact, I look forward to the days when Nigerian artistes would start endorsing international brands. But back to your question, I don’t think I have a precise answer here. As an artiste, I don’t think I have to declare my interest on a brand to the media at the expense of others. I welcome any brand with juicy offer. I also believe that a brand ambassador should directly contribute to the development of the brand that he/she is endorsing. Apart from being an artiste, I see myself as an entity who can contribute directly to the increment in sales of any brand that I endorse. As long as my idea bank and team are intact, I am always fortified to function.

What are your words for the upcoming artistes out there about Playmyjamz ?

Playmyjamz is the next big thing in the Nigerian music industry. Take your time to visit their web platform and upload your song(s) for free, then you can start sharing with family and friends by asking them to download. Playmyjamz is just a platform that gives artistes the opportunity to air and share their voice for free online. You guys are really breaking new grounds.


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    boss i am an upcoming artist from enugu state, and i want to signed into your record label,
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