Now, I think I need to say ‘hi’ before her crazy fans get high and be mad at me. Tonto Dike is easily identified as a productive Nollywood actress but recently she ventured into singing. Before she could say ‘hi’ to the Nigerian music industry and make some fortune by trying out with the music business, many people started fighting some crazy battle with her on social media. Several insults were forwarded to her via twitter, facebook, blogs and even on radio and national tv programmes. The talk about ‘tonto this’ and ‘tonto that’ trended for several days but on negative note. Even recently, one of her colleagues in Nollyhood cautioned her on twitter for her disrespect for a fellow actress (I just don’t wanna dwell much on that, hope you know why). So, with the power vested in me by PLAYMYJAMZ, join me as we crown TONTO DIKE as the most hated musical artiste in Nigeria, 2013.Hip! Hip! Hip! and you say…? Remember, it is not easy for anyone to be hated and still be on top of the list (I mean this list).

    Wait a minute, Eedris is a bros o, in fact, in many ways he is a legend in the Nigerian music and entertainment industry. Yeah, you can copy and quote that anywhere. For those of you who don’t know much about him, I mean his positive sides; please you may need to visit the Google. Now, back to business. The decision to make Eedris the number two personality on our top most hated musical artiste list is not mine, it is from YOU. Yes I mean YOU! I need to clarify this or else I may end up being… I still don’t know why many folks out there hiss and say all sorts of words whenever Eedri’s face appears on the screen or whenever any of his recent songs are played. I must confess that I have witnessed this involuntary turn down on several occasions. Why should some people go as far as saying the legendry Eedris is struggling to be heard or sounding like a frustrated nigger? Why? Where were they when ‘Mr. Lecturer’ was all over the air before Baba Iyabo turned ‘Jaga Jaga’ to ‘Jaga Jaga’? Well, in a nutshell, I regret to announce the unsung hero, Eedris AbdulKareem as our number two most hated Nigerian musical artiste in 2013.

    No, not again! Why must it be another actress from Nollywood! I know many people may not know that Stella Damasus sings, yeah that makes her on this list. Recently, shortly after Tonto Dike released her most criticised song on social media network, Stella also released a single track. It was lovely…really. The gossip about Stella Damasus lately is not about her musical career but about her relationship. You really need to read comments about her relationship with her newly found love. Many call her husband snatcher, some call her confused soul, others say she is just being promiscuous. What da heck! For all I care, Stella is just too cosy, beautiful and successful in her career than to be ridiculed for whatever mistake she might have made. To all those who keep saying negative things about this babe, the Lord knows your house address. You have only succeeded in making her the number three personality on our top most hated Nigerian music artiste list for this year; you can’t kill the fire in her. Did I hear any dude say yeah yeah?
  • 4. DAVIDO

    Hmmmm! Here is the part I love so much. Yes, not because I love to see Davido on this list but to show him (for the very first time) how much I love his music. Sometime this year, I wrote something about his song Ekuro, you may click here to read. From my observation so far, if there is any reason why Davido should get on this list, it would be for the fact that he is Omo Baba Olowo…#that’s all. Fine, his dad is very rich…what about yours? This dude (Davido) has done so much as a rich and talented kid (yes, he is still a kid as far as I’m concerned) by choosing not to be overwhelmed and over pampered by his rich dad like many other dudes out there whose parents are rich but are struggling to be known. If as a father I struggled to be rich and I became wealthy, why shouldn’t I do all I can to help my child be on top of his game wherever and whenever? This is for his numerous haters out there; Davido has no two heads, he is human like you, he also huzzles, he worked for his fame and he’s earning it big time. I know many older folks out there who complain that the dude (Davido) is too childish, rude, proud, extravagant and lousy…yeah I quite agree with y’all. But the fact remains that Davido remains Davido, you can’t change him, once you start making him act like David without the ‘o’, there will be a big problem o. So, why not join me as I declare my brother from another father (see famziness, e gba mi) D-A-V-I-D-O as the number four on our top five most hated music artistes in Nigeria 2013.#That’s all!
  • 5. JAYWON

    My good God, why is Oluwajuwonlo on this list? This guy is too good and ‘scandaless’ (permit me to coin that word) to be on this list. JAYWON sings good music, his song ‘This Year’ has all the potentials to become an evergreen song in Nigeria like the popular song by the good women of CAC ‘Odun lo Sopin’. Despite all his good deeds, despite all the generous promotion he receives from Kennis Music, thousand of peeps out there have succeeded in making JAWON our number five artiste on this list. If you ask me why, na who I go ask? Haba! Some peeps don’t just like this guy. Funny enough, most of the guys who hate this dude don’t have any tangible reason why they dislike him. Not quite long, while trying to compile this list, I had to do some research by examining and analysing some blog contents, gossip forums and public opinions (from clubs, popular events, radio programmes, etc.). Having done that, I observed that 60% of our respondents (majorly from public opinion) said they don’t just like JAWON, 20% said he’s not just their kind of artiste while 15% said they are indifferent about him and the remaining 5% claimed they are his diehard fans. In all, I see JAWON as a raw talent whose gifts have not been fully explored. There is more about JAWON that many people who don’t like him need to know. He’s more than who you see in the moment; in the next few years when the wind of stardom starts ripping some fake artistes off their rented costumes, don’t be surprised when you see Oluwajuwon remaining on top of the game.

Thanks so much for reading this piece, watch out for our #TOP FIVE MOST VIEWED… (viewed what? let’s save the details till next month) on September 1, 2013.#Jah bless!


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    I need to know to who to adress myself to submit info about press release


    have a nice day

    Philippe W

  2. Eze Samson

    May God neva forgive hm dt made dis useless lists.. No mata how much u hate davido, i tnk u cn neva make those who truly luv him hate hm. He remains my most loved artiste alongsde 2face, olamide, p sqare n d banj…idiot!!

  3. @pres103


  4. julieth chelyn

    Waoooh this is bullshit, who cares, Davido is busy making his money en growing fast while u are busy writing rubbish, pls if Don’t know what to write go to ur village and join farmers…..

  5. Angel

    Thanks 4 ur list itz really true davIdo is an Ugly fish……………imagine he wants 2 competite wit d 1 nd only STARBOY………WIZKID,all ur posts nd comments ar useless…….my no. 1 is WIZKID…………he has a very sweet voice nd much female fans bcox hez 2 HANDSOME…..hez musics ar inspirational,jst listen 4rm his 1st album 2 d last nd finally watch all his handsome pix….surely u mst b in luv wit him…..

  6. beauty

    i dnt no abt ur fake comments bt no musician is more dan WIZKID infact my top 3s ar WIZKID aka Starboy…..2FACE aka 2baba……OLAMIDE aka Badoo……..tnx bt as u cn c Wizkid is now far richer nd hansome dan Davido……..imagine Tonto Dike dying 4 Wizkid 2 show hw his handsomeness ova shadowed her sight……wit his sweet voice

  7. Smartex Boy

    as for me i dn’t have much to say,all i know is that davido is 1 of the best artise in naija alongside, phyno fino olamide baddo zoro swaggbag lil kesh ice prince m i mr flavour pattroranking and co of them,so to hell wit u if u dont like them.
    is Don Smartex boy(D.S.B)

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