An Interview with Our Top Nominated Artiste of the Month

 You can download and listen to E-wise’s CHANGE by clicking here 

PMJ: Can we meet you?

E-WISE: My name is Eshiet Wisdom Okonko. So it is from the name that I coined out my stage name,     E-Wise. ‘E’ represents my first name Eshiet while Wise is a derivative of the name Wisdom.

PMJ: How would you describe your genre of music?

E-WISE: At first, I will like to introduce myself as a gospel artiste. Talking about my genre of music, I will say that I do my kind of gospel across different genres which include gospel hip-hop, gospel pop, gospel rap and so on. I also do selective seculars which must be inspirational.

PMJ:  You just mentioned selective secular songs. Do you see E-WISE featuring any big Nigerian Hip Hop artiste, doing some inspirational songs together in the next few years?

E-WISE: I guess you don’t get what I mean here. My doing selective secular songs doesn’t mean I have to do it with a secular artiste. In fact, I’m stating it here that I can’t work with any non-gospel artiste.

PMJ:  From there, let’s go into how you started. When did E-WISE start music and what was his driving force?

E-WISE: Music for me, started from the church. My love for music started as a member of church choir. It was from there and then that the passion started growing stronger and I realized this is what I will love to do irrespective of who I become. But basically, singing professionally started in 2010. And the driving force, there’s no other driving force apart from the passion I have for music.

PMJ: Do you mean that you do music for music sake and won’t be bothered even if money isn’t coming.

E-WISE: Yeah, the bible says ‘the gift of a man makes way for him’. I strongly believe that if I continue to do my music in the right way, money will definitely come in no time.

PMJ: How was your first experience in the studio?

E-WISE: It was in Ibadan. I was featured in a song by a gospel artiste. My experience in the studio was awesome. We spent about 2 days working in the studio before the production was completed. Really, the fun was in the stress, especially when I had to travel from Lagos to Ibadan.

PMJ: Apart from working with someone else, how was your first one-on-one experience at the studio?

E-WISE: My first personal experience in the studio was in 2011 at the Hit Lab Studio here in Lagos. There, I recorded my first single Change which got me this nomination. Still in 2011, I recorded two other songs in the G-Production studio where I did Ebubedike and I care. Sincerely, the experience was awesome. It came with a kind of euphoria. You know, something like you looking at yourself and saying ‘yeah, I made it’.

PMJ: We are sure that the release of your single Change would have created a platform for you to perform on many stages. How will you describe your first experience on the stage?

E-WISE: (Laughing) Sincerely, It wasn’t easy at all. There was this stage fright that suddenly came over me, but latter, it became part of me.

PMJ:  So, when would you call your best and ugly moment on stage?

E-WISE: Yeah, I like that…There are some moments that one would so much cherish while there are also some other crazy moments when you wish they never occurred.  Let me start with the good one. It was a gospel concert organized in conjunction with Scepter. My performance was splendid and everything was on point. The audience really loved what I did and that made me put in my best performance. On the other hand, the ugly one was at LASPOTECH’s End of the Year Party (Onipanu Study Center). My CD was skipping seriously and when I asked the DJ to start it all over, it wasn’t playing at all. I latter tried to do an acapella but the audience didn’t feel or appreciate my music at all. I felt really embarrassed. But the beautiful thing about the ugly experience is that I had had the good show before the ugly one; so it didn’t affect me badly.

PMJ: You just mentioned LASPOTECH, are you a student there?

E-WISE: Not really, but I’m already processing my admission into the institution this year.

PMJ: Do you foresee that your education will have any challenging effect on your musical career? Good or bad?

E-WISE: I think it will definitely be a plus to my musical career. We all know the influence of education in one’s life.

PMJ: Who would you say is your role model in the Nigerian/International gospel music industry?

E-WISE:  Wow! I really have many of them, but I will like to mention people like Kemy Kore, Tim Godfrey, U-Ben, etc. Internationally, I will mention Mc Clauky, Walker etc.

PMJ: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

E-WISE: In the next 5 years, I pray that the name E-WISE would have become a household name in the Nigerian gospel music industry and by then I would have worked with several big gospel artistes in the industry.

PMJ:  Have you got any award to your credit?

E-WISE: Not yet, but I have just been nominated for an award. It is Scepter Award in conjunction with the National Gospel Academy.

PMJ: Wow! In what category were you nominated?

E-WISE: Emerging Artiste Category

PMJ: What is your perception of the Nigerian music industry in general and the gospel music in particular?

E-WISE: Sincerely speaking, Nigerian music is growing tremendously; I mean both secular and gospel. Three years back, it was very difficult for a Nigerian artiste to feature an international artiste but today, it has become a story. Recently, Sam Okposu had a concert where international gospel artistes were part of the performers.

PMJ: Is there anything that you feel you don’t like about the Nigerian music industry?

E-WISE:  Sure, it is the issue of piracy. Let’s forget that I’m a gospel artiste. It’s not morally right to steal people’s intellectual property. Piracy is a bad thing and it needs to be wiped out of Nigerian entertainment Industry as a whole.

PMJ:  Thanks for sharing your time with us bro. Much love!

 You can download and listen to E-wise’s CHANGE  by clicking here

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