PMJ: Who is LAPEL G?

LAPEL G:  My stage name is LAPEL G but my name is Olamiposi Nifemi. I prefer to be called LAPEL G because it is the major brand that I’m promoting.

PMJ: So, how long has LAPEL G been in the Nigerian music industry?

LAPEL G: Actually, I started my musical career in 2008; then I was a second year student of National Open University, Nigeria (NOUN) in Akure. Prior to that time, I had been a keen lover of arts; I act, dance and sing but not on professional level. I never thought I could make career out of what I used to do. Even when I got the urge to sing, professional challenges such as finance always pulled me back. And I resolved that if God wants me to do it, it will surely happen one day. In 2008, God really showed me that what I do is a calling-not just a gift.

PMJ: What exactly gave you the spark?

LAPEL G: I know that the gift is in me and I want to explore it. I went back to my home town, Ile Oluji in Ondo state, Nigeria. It was back there that I met people that encouraged me more. And that was how I met the person who offered to sponsor my ‘Pop it Up’. Coming out with the single in 2008 made me the first Hip Hop artiste in Ile-Oluji and the first Hip Hop artiste to be interviewed on Ondo State Radio Corporation (OSRC).

PMJ: Are you an Ondo based artiste?

LAPEL G: No, although my musical career started from there. After my first single got popular in Ondo State, I was advised to move to Lagos and everyone knows that Lagos is the center of African entertainment. So, I moved down to Badagry in Lagos in 2011.

PMJ: Your first experience in the studio, how was it?

LAPEL G: My experience in the studio came in two ways. The first one was in 2008 in Ile-Oluji where I recorded my first single, ‘Pop it Up’. As Yorubas will say, ‘abinibi yato si ability’ my first experience was awesome. I could recall that the producer even asked me if I had done any song before then. My second notable experience in the studio was here in Lagos. It was different from the first experience. In Badagry, I met T-Black who listened to my ‘Pop it Up’ and ‘So le jo’. He loved them and he introduced me to Kelvin Black. So, after listening to my songs, Kelvin Black told me we could work together and that was how ‘Bosi Gbangba’ was produced.

PMJ: What’s the inspiration behind ‘Bosi gbangba’?

LAPEL G: ‘Bosi Gbangba’ came as a result of my rapport with a woman called ‘Gele Odun’. She was playing with me and she kind of challenged me to come out and dance with her. So, it was from that fateful day that I started thinking about writing a song about my funny experience with the woman.

PMJ: Has ‘Bosi Gbangba’ enjoyed any airplay so far?

LAPEL G: Yeah, by the grace of God, it has been enjoying airplay on Wazobia FM, Bond FM, Naija FM and Cool FM (all in Lagos state). It is also in several mix-tapes especially the ones from the likes of DJ Cool, DJ Casanova, etc.

PMJ: Have you got any video for ‘Bosi Gbangba’ ?

LAPEL G: I’ll say YES and NO. Yes, because I have shot ‘Bosi Gbangba’ and No, because it is on post production level. By God’s grace, it will be out next week. On this note, I have to say a big thank you to my babe, Quadri Bukola. She’s been a strong pillar for me to achieve many things that would have ordinarily become just a dream and one of such is the video.

PMJ: Where do you think LAPEL G will be in the next five years?

LAPEL G: In five year’s time? Well, by God’s grace, LAPEL G would have become a strong force in the Nigerian music industry and an artiste to reckon with.

PMJ: Have you performed in any show at all?

LAPEL G: I have performed at many shows that I can’t even remember all of them. Should I start naming them***?

PMJ: Have you got any role model in the Nigerian music industry?

LAPEL G: I don’t really have one, but I love D’banj, Tuface and P-Square. If I have any opportunity to do any song with the top Naija acts, it will be with any of these three artistes.

PMJ: What do you wish you could change or correct in the Nigerian music industry?

LAPEL G:  Definitely, it is the orientation of people about music. I mean artistes. Many artistes are into music because they want to make money or become popular. I feel it shouldn’t be so. The love and passion for music is supposed to be the first driving force.

PMJ: What’s your genre of music?

LAPEL G: I sing Hip Hop and it will strictly be Hip Hop. Although, I’m an evangelist, I feel that gospel music isn’t my calling. When I am in the church, I sing for God and when I am outside the church I do Hip Hop.

PMJ: Apart from your songs, have you taken time to listen to any other artiste’s song(s) on our site?

LAPEL G: Yes, I do that most of the time. There are many good upcoming artistes on your site. There is a particular guy that I love his song, ‘Opaireke’.

PMJ: What is your perception about PLAYMYJAMZ?

LAPEL G: Wow! That is a very lovely question. PLAYMYJAMZ has come to rescue the upcoming artistes in Nigeria. For the first time, we have an avenue in which we can read about upcoming artistes in Nigeria. Sincerely, I was surprised when I had a call from you guys to come for an interview. I know that many other artistes on your site would also feel the same way. You guys are really doing a wonderful job, so, I say more power to your elbow.

You can download LAPEL G’s song from the link below:

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