Fame is a vapour, popularity is an accident, riches take wings. Only one thing endures…CHARACTER!

Who wants the crowd screaming their name, girls fainting and some pulling off their blouses just like that? (Lol)

I bet you do. Doesn’t  fame make you feel like your private part is in everybody’s face?

Fame means celebrity, recognition, reputation and eminence.  You have to keep up with it.   There’s a price to be paid for being famous.  Fame isn’t just sweet to have, it comes with certain responsibilities.  Fame needs to be well managed because it could make or mar you.

When you are successful, fame is inevitable. Fame is not a bad thing. It is how you handle it that matters.

It’s good to be prepared for the top.  That’s why you need to ask yourself this question: “Can I handle it?” Here are a few situation and factors you would have to deal with when you are at the top and famous.


The sign on their faces says ‘Handle with care’.  They are the best thing that ever happened to your music career.  They are a major reason why you do music in the first place.  So you can’t afford to toy with their emotions.

Yes! They are emotional, about you.

Jeez!  They listen to you whenever they want to; whether in the morning, afternoon or night.  They can afford to listen to you wherever they want to- in the car, via their phone, computers etc.

They listen to your words (lyrics) and they tap into your emotions.

They have access to you and all there is about you via the very much available arms of media.

They’ve got your poster on the wall of their rooms, your pictures as their PC wall paper and as their phone screensaver.  Yet, you expect a true fan not to get emotional when he/she sees you. I tire for you o.

You expect fans not to believe all you say or expect more of you.  You cannot expect them not to be disappointed when you make a mistake or when you’ve been linked with some scandal.

They’ll judge you. They’ll either criticize or defend you, depending on their various points of view.

They‘ll talk about you like they know you so well, greet you like they know you so well.

That, my peeps is the power of communication, all boosted by the media and your music.

Do enjoy, these are the dividends of fame.

Get used to it.

The Press

Gee, they are in the business to sell.   To sell and be relevant, they need to ‘talk about’.   Talk about whom?  Well, anything and anyone that’s news.   And it could be YOU.   When you are recognized, you are potential news.   You are news when you stir the waters.  You know, when something new about you comes up.

Also, when they are desperate they’ll invent a huge story out from a small incident of yours.

In the beginning of your career, it is usually fun when you get that first interview or space in the papers.   And then, when you become big and successful, you get offended at the image tarnishing stories and rumours.

Take light (I mean, be cool).

It’s like that all over the world.

It’s not exactly a ‘you’ problem; it’s a press duty.   But if you are constantly a problem, then it’s your problem.  *Did that come out well?*

The Gossips

They will continue to fly.  Rumours will spread…like wild fire, baby!

Prepare your mind and entire being for this.

How you handle this is more important than the gossip itself.   You are a ‘visible’ person and it’s kind of more fun to talk about you.  Gossip about you will spread like wild fire-whether true or false.  This is why you need to have your own strong communication forces like your PR agent, website, blog and publicist to help you curb situations and wield it for your good.

The ‘Celebs are Saints’ mentality

You know, in your favour, I wonder why fans get shocked and disappointed whenever news reach them about their favourite celebs being involved in some embarrassing or awkward situation.

Celebs are human d’oh!   And I’m sure you do scream that inside of you that, “I’m human too-just like you” and you wish the public could just understand and accept this fact.

Sheesh!  Only your celeb friends and family members might care about that.  So my advice is that you’ll need to behave yourself, ‘control your temper’ and don’t wash your dirty linens outside-especially if it’s got tough stains.

Freedom of movement

You could lose this entirely if you don’t handle your fame well.

Though, this depends on your level of success, acceptance (by the music market) and popularity.    Basically, you won’t be able to move freely like before.   But if you are well known, loved, accepted and seen as very successful;

You can’t walk a considerable distance before fans and admirers swarm around you.

The greedy ones keep demanding for money-like you have a money tree in your living room.

You could get mobbed.

You need to think about how you’re going to handle this.


Its puzzles me that some people believe that once you are on TV or in the papers, you are rich.  We both know that this is not necessarily true.   So, you might experience distant family members, friends and even strangers demand for financial aid.

You need to let them understand that you are a ‘business’ and not a charity organisation.

When you do have the money to give, set up a foundation that will handle this. Otherwise, you will discover that your expenses are consuming your income.

Be smart about this too.

Groupies and other babes who seriously want to get laid-by you.

Yes oh!  Them girls ‘come with your fame’ and they are of different sizes and with various intents.   Your gift makes you attractive.  Success is attractive-very attractive.  Your money is magnetic.

Females are more emotional beings.  Female fans will fantasize more about you, especially in deeper and intense ways (Yeah!).    They’ll want to be in your bed.  Seriously, that’s the way this crazy bunch feel.  You will be shocked at the amount of girls who want you to just lay with them or the other way round (you know what I mean).

In short, plenty girls will like to hang around you like flies on a dead dog.

And when they do get a chance, they want to get close to you. Some for the sex; to get laid. Some for the money and the sex; to get paid and laid (lol)

Some for the fame; you know, just to attach with you. So they can be seen with you and gain bragging rights. While some, for the ‘baby’ and ‘never ending’ welfare package; to get their whooping share of your hard earned money.  They just g’as to be on your payroll and they won’t stop until you are their ‘baby daddy’.

Do brood on this too. For those who find this factor amusing: Just how many women can you get down with?

Remember, the more unplanned sex you have, the more the possibility of you being a ‘baby daddy’.  Boy, those chics are smart.  Here’s the analysis:

Unplanned sex begat unplanned kids, unplanned kids mean unplanned money is to be spent.

I rest my case.

Now, who wants to be famous?



Esther Fabunmi is the head of  Entertainment Ideaz ( an entertainment social enterprise),  and  bank manager of  Talentz Bank (www.talentzbank.blogspot.com), a music business resource and networking platform dedicated to help entertainers ‘turn from talent to cash’. Facebook/Talentz Bank, Twitter: @talentzbank. talentzbank@yahoo.com.


  1. Mike

    This is really an inspiring piece. I have learnt a lot from you. As an upcoming artiste, I think all points suggested here are needed before before being famous.

  2. Lola

    I think i like your point on charity. Many Nigerian artistes have to get it into their head from the start. If you are an artiste, you should not see yourself as a charity personalty. I know many niggas this mentality has run down in the music business. Your fans may make you or suck you till the last drop of your blood. It depends on how you handle and manage them.

  3. Victor

    I am a regular reader of this blogspot. I am not an artiste but I am a lover of music. I appreciate all your posts. I personally commend the writer of this post. But I want us to consider that in most cases, as an artiste, adequate management should be set in place before taking any decisions. For example, if wizkid starts ignoring all his female fans because he wants to show that he is discipline, he will face a big problem. There are some people you may not also want to turn down because you don’t want to run a charity. Moderation is required in all cases.

  4. Shayor

    “Unplanned sex begat unplanned kids, unplanned kids mean unplanned money is to be spent”. I like that!

  5. Daniel

    Good stuff! But, I have some reservations about the points you raised there.

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