He is not just an upcoming artiste, he is more than an upcoming…he’s got the swag, the charisma and the spirit to make you travel to cloud nine. You know what I mean? Why not let’s spare some time as we unravel the secret behind this budding talent.

N.B.: This interview was administered by PMJ Crew via twitter.

PMJ: Could you briefly introduce yourself to us and your fans out there?

MORRISON: I am Morrison Ogele, a real born Port-hacort boy; I sing, write and produce music

PMJ: Since when have you started singing, I mean singing professionally?

MORRISON: Like 4years ago

PMJ: So, in general what would you call your genre of music?

MORRISON: I will call it R&B with a feel of Afro

PMJ: How many songs have you recorded so far?

MORRISON: 106 songs, I have only 4 songs on your site

PMJ: Wow! This is serious! So have you got some albums for sale already?

MORRISON: Yeah, a 16 track album. At the moment we are making a beat for another song.

PMJ: So, what is the unique thing about your kind of music? What makes you different from the likes of 2face, Wande Coal and other R & B artistes or Afro centric guys already in Nigeria?

MORRISON: I think what makes us different from other artistes is that we have learnt from the big boys in the industry. We have studied their little flaws and improved on ours. This has really affected our music production, the mixing of our job and the quality mastering. More so, using right diction and taking time in noting and scrutinizing tracks before releasing them to the media.

PMJ: What is your idea about the Nigerian music industry?

MORRISON: Well the Nigeria music industry is flooded with all sorts of artistes, who hardly give room for new ones (that scares me) but I know for facts that Good music and hard work prevails.

PMJ: What is your advice for the ‘intimidating’ artistes who have flooded the industry?

MORRISON: Intimidating isn’t what I meant, all I meant is that those old artistes should upgrade themselves. They should probably direct music and promote artistes; instead of them trying hard to still sing.  Upcoming artistes need the big boys in the game for motivation and mentorship not for competition. For example, my producer, Cueten left singing for me. He started singing since 1999, now he owns a studio and works on promoting upcoming artistes to develop the Nigerian music industry. That is the little way he can contribute his quota to the idea of national development; if other producers and big artistes can do the same, it will help and go a long way in improving the Nigerian Music industry.

PMJ: Good talk bro! Let’s hope many peeps would learn from this. So, from your 4 years experience in the industry, who would you consider as your role model among the super star artistes in Nigeria?

MORRISON: Well, for Nigerian artistes I have none. But for foreign artistes there is a tie between Usher and Akon.

PMJ: Hmm! That is serious (smile). What are your major challenges? Are there any?

MORRISON: Marketing our songs…Meeting a good marketer with honest intention to sell our album.

PMJ: What is your view about Playmyjamz?

MORRISON: In fact, I give you guys 10/10. You guys are the best! I will also advise that you guys should do some visitations and call artistes once in a while.

PMJ: Thanks for the advice. Who would you consider as your favorite artiste on PMJ?

MORRISON: (…long pause) Dellsheby

PMJ: Good, so, any words for fans and friends who would read this interview online?

MORRISON: I appreciate them and pray to God to bless them as they read and vote us. They make us and we won’t stop giving them the best of what we do.

PMJ: Do you want to say anything about your producer, Cueten? Any words of recommendation for him to other upcoming artistes on PMJ?

MORRISON: If they need a father or a brother and a friend, he is the man; but he is a disciplinarian, if they can cope with him, let them hook him up via: +2348075548692 BBM PIN: 2736B072

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  1. Daniel

    Glad to know you. Hope to see you on top very soon.

  2. Rosemary

    You must really mean good biz for you to have produced 106 songs. Nice one. Keep it up!

  3. Annie

    This is the big problem with many Nigerian upcoming artistes. You want people to like your song but you don’t have any role model in your country. I think charity begins at home.

  4. Anthony

    @annie, I think you are right. Nigerians should start admiring their home made products. if we don’t appreciate our things in our own little ways, who else will. You will be surprised how foreign artistes sing, appreciate and like our song. This is the era when we should start doing it in our own way. Good interview though!

  5. Auth

    A pleasingly ratiaonl answer. Good to hear from you.

  6. Gaylord Gajewski

    I like reading your blog posts, HERE COMES THE WINNER! (OUR TOP NOMINATED JAMZ FOR AUGUST 2012) – Playmyjamz blog was added to my favorites in chrome.

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