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He is slim, tall, good looking, funny, witty, creative and an intelligent final year student. He is Opaireke.

Akintayo Akinbinu is the brain behind Opaireke, the top nominated song on PLAYMYJAMZ  with the highest number of nominations for the previous months. In this interview, he unravels his profile and his views towards the music industry in Nigeria.

PLAYMYJAMZ: Who goes here?

Opaireke: I am Akintayo Akinbinu, a musician with the stage name Love Tee, a.k.a. Opaireke. I am a 400 level student of the Department of Science and Technology, University of Lagos. I am from Ondo State.

PLAYMYJAMZ: When did you come into the music industry?

Opaireke: I came into the music industry at a very tender age. At age seven, I discovered that I could sing and entertain people, then at age 10 I started writing songs in which Opaireke was among. I recorded my first song Opaireke in 2010.

PLAYMYJAMZ: what are your inspirations?

Opaireke: God is my source of inspiration and I am mostly inspired by what happens in my immediate environment.

PLAYMYJAMZ: Being an upcoming artiste, what are your major challenges?

Opaireke: One of my major challenges is the capital to finance my musical ideas. I can still remember when I had to use my hostel fee to record Opaireke. It was very challenging for me.

PLAYMYJAMZ: What does Opaireke connote?

Opaireke: It means a long stick of sugar cane. The song is all about me. As you can see, I am as tall as sugar cane and I am so endowed.

PLAYMYJAMZ: As an upcoming artiste, what do you think will give you an edge in the music industry?

Opaireke: Uniqueness. I think what is unique about my style is the title of my song. I have not seen anyone who has the same style of singing as mine. When people listen to my song, they don’t say “Oh! this guy sounds like Timaya” or “…this is another Nice or 2face in the making”

PLAYMYJAMZ: When should your fans expect your debut album?

Opaireke: Very soon…just as I have noted earlier in this chat that capital is the main challenge. Yet, I expect to release the debut album very soon. Watch out for my best!

PLAYMYJAMZ: When will you consider as the happiest moment of your life?

Opaireke: (Laugh!)My happiest moment was the day I went to the studio to record Opaireke. I was so thrilled when I saw people dancing to my music.

PLAYMYJAMZ: If you were given the privilege to sing in collaboration with a high profile artiste, who would that be?

Opaireke: It is definitely 2face, 2 Baba. I like him so much…in fact, he is my role model.

PLAYMYJAMZ: What is your perception about PLAYMYJAMZ?

Opaireke: I see PLAYMYJAMZ as a very good platform to promote upcoming artistes. The good thing about the concept is that it is free and assessable to everybody. Instead of submitting tacks to radio DJs or to get included in Alaba Mix, artistes can easily get known worldwide on the platform of playmyjamz. Some fans call me from oversea to make comments on my song on PLAYMYJAMZ. The first time I heard about the website and its concept, I thought it was a fantasy. I never knew I would not be charged a kobo for uploading my song on the webpage. I say a very big thank you to PLAYMYJAMZ.

PLAYMYJAMZ: Last few months on PLAYMYJAMZ, you had the highest nomination from a lot of members. The next person to you had only few nominations. How did you do it?

Opaireke : In fact, it is just God. There were times I had to go to each room in the female hostels of Unilag and persuade the students to listen to my song and nominate me on the website. It was fun anyway.

PLAYMYJAMZ: How do you feel being the top nominee of our contest?

Opaireke: I am very happy to know that people listen to my song.

PLAYMYJAMZ: Any words for your fans on PLAYMYJAMZ?

Opaireke: I love you all, please keep supporting me. Remember that without you, there is no Opaireke.

PLAYMYJAMZ: Any advice for the upcoming artistes?

Opaireke: Believe in god. A lot of people out there may mislead you; just keep on striving, one day you will get there.

You can download Luv Tee’s Opaireke by clicking on this link: http://www.playmyjamz.com/artist/luvt-opa-ireke



  1. Victor

    I thought you will ask for the meaning of Opaireke. What does that mean? WTF?

  2. Cherry

    Just downloaded the song. Very lovely. Your style is unique.

  3. Rita

    Handsome guy. I was at one of your shows at the hostel,back then in Unilag. Your performance was crazy. We kept on asking for me. I love your lips.

  4. deji

    Konji na bastard! @rita: ‘Kept on asking for me’ or ‘asking for more’ Gbagaun Gbagaun.

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